Mental Health

The New Year 🌕

Saying goodbye to 2017 is a weird feeling, and New Year's Eve comes with a lot of strange feelings and expectations. It's such a huge build up...for a moment. For some people I've noticed this can cause a lot of anxiety. So if you too are afflicted with this 'new year nervousness' try adjusting your… Continue reading The New Year 🌕


Facing Your Fashion Fears!

Fashion fears are something worth discussing because they affect all of us from time to time. How many times have you put an item back on the shelf or in your wardrobe due to an insecurity or fear about how it would look on you? Its super annoying and honestly, life is too short. Its… Continue reading Facing Your Fashion Fears!


An Edgy Look For The Colder Weather

As is the pattern in the UK, the weather very suddenly transitioned into what feels like winter. So naturally, time to dig out some cosy fall/winter faves, including this ridiculously soft faux leopard fur coat from Zalando. I paired it with a new choker t shirt from boohoo, tights and heeled Chelsea boots. A little… Continue reading An Edgy Look For The Colder Weather